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Jurassic Park™

It’s an adventure 65 million years in the making. Welcome to Jurassic Park®, where your attendees will experience a one-of-a-kind event in the lushly landscaped surroundings of Isla Nublar. Jurassic Park® offers attendees the most gorgeous views in the park and a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy an upscale cookout, casual buffet, or full course plated dinner.

In addition to enjoying cuisine provided by our award-winning culinary team, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the inhabitants of Jurassic Park® at the area attractions. Enhance your event with a live band, DJ or strolling entertainment. Either way, it will be a historic event.

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Jurassic World VelociCoaster - Now Open

Speeding through the jungle, rising high above the terrain, it’s the apex predator of roller coasters. Feel the rush of the hunt as you ride through the Raptor paddock and race alongside these fierce predators. The Jurassic World VelociCoaster, Now Open.

Jurassic Park River Adventure®

Raft down the river through meticulously recreated primeval habitats teeming with dinosaurs. A raging T-rex is on the loose and the only thing that will save your attendees from his terrifying jaws is an 85-foot plunge into total darkness.

Jurassic Park Discovery Center®

Unearth the miracles of Jurassic Park® in this hands-on interactive area. Attendees can view the fossilized remains of a massive T-rex and watch a velociraptor being hatched from its egg.

Merchandise Stores

Your attendees can’t take one of the dinosaurs home with them, but we’ve got the next best thing. They can stock up on authentic Jurassic Park® memorabilia and apparel, and they’ll be the envy of their ecosystem.