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The Lost Continent™

Your attendees will make their way through The Lost Continent®, an ageless island where ancient gods rule, mystical wizards practice their craft, and mythic beasts roam the countryside. Attendees will journey far below the sea at Poseidon’s Fury®, where they’ll dodge fireballs and explosions of water as the mighty god Poseidon wages an epic battle to return them to the surface.

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Poseidon's Fury®

It's an explosive undersea adventure! Attendees will venture through the darkened ruins of the ancient Temple of Poseidon. Here they’ll find an archeologist from the Global Discovery Group who leads them deeper and deeper into the mysterious temple. Trapped far below the sea, it’s up to Poseidon to return the travelers to the surface in this multi-media presentation featuring more than 350,000 gallons of water and 200 flame effects, including 25-foot exploding fireballs.

Merchandise Stores

Your attendees can explore The Lost Continent® and uncover a variety of unique and unusual items from across the ages. Whether they’re shopping for themselves or for a gift, we dare them to come away empty-handed.